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Why Your Business Needs a Beautiful Website

It’s 9:05 AM after a long week of following up on leads and putting proposals together. Everything is perfect, your sales skills are on fire, but leads seem to all sizzle into thin air when directed to your site for a follow-up action. Could it be that your site needs some work?

We often hear about the importance of having a website in this digital age. With present-day market saturation, just a simple functional website often isn’t enough. You need a beautiful site. One that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but down to the way it guides users, how each page relates to one another, how every icon or image used personifies your business. A good lookin’ website not only takes work off your schedule, but serves as an extension to everything you stand for. From its aesthetic theme, to branding, to copy, to font choice, everything is just “you”.

Your Customers Are Online, Looking For You

Today, websites provide businesses with a competitive edge in the marketplace. They communicate trust and reputability, and allow you to expand your reach to new customers. It enables your brand to stand out from competitors while fostering meaningful customer relationships.

Online shopping has proven to be one of the most popular online activities worldwide, with retail e-commerce revenues projected to grow from 6.54 trillion US dollars in 2022. So whether you’re a business owner contemplating a website, or looking to make improvements to an existing site, or if you’re in the lead generation game, make sure you’re taking full advantage of growing digital business trends and let your website reflect the work you do.

Prioritizing Your Customers

A website represents so much more than just another medium for customers to purchase your products and services. Today, websites serve to resolve any curiosity your consumers have, and subsequently, as a way for your brand to be the one that attends to their wants and needs. By having a website that speaks the same language as your brand, you can capitalize on every touchpoint with prospects and draw them a step closer towards conversion.

With new businesses constantly on the rise, an engaging and effective website allows you to create lasting relationships with your consumers. Not only will this increase your brand equity and loyalty among consumers, but ensure your brand captures the hearts of your audience and keeps them out of reach from your competitors.

The Importance of Information

We’re aiming for strength and beauty! Alongside the aesthetics, a website should carry a core set of content for its users. A strong website helps your customers gain information about who and what your company is. Whether it be about an upcoming product, new service, company history, brand values, or even a mission statement, websites provide consumers with this information and are readily accessible at any hour of the day.

Just think about times where your feelings towards certain brands may have changed, after learning more about the company itself. Websites hold that same power.

Many consumers may enter your website with their purchase intentions already in mind. However, an effective website is able to both influence and support consumer purchasing decisions. A great site enables you to communicate aspects of your company directly to your consumers, potentially altering their perceptions of your business. Just think about times where your feelings towards certain brands may have changed, after learning more about the company itself. Websites hold that same power.

How To Make Your Website Stand Out

From your personal experiences on the internet, we’re almost certain you have noticed that not every website is the same.

With more and more small companies adopting digital business strategies, it’s important that you create a strong and immersive website that caters to shifts in consumer trends. For instance, in upcoming years, small retailers can be expected to see mobile conversion rates up to 30% higher than that of larger retailers. You can take advantage of this by ensuring your website is optimized for mobile browsers (the ability to use your website on a mobile device).

This doesn’t mean it has to be overly special, with graphics and animations flying out from left to right, but site visitors should be able to enter your website and easily understand what your company is and why they should care.

Effectively Communicating Your Company Through A Website

Your website is a portfolio of your products and service, a way of showcasing customer testimonials, and a way to let consumers know how they can contact you with their concerns. But figuring out how to effectively display all of this information is often the hardest step when designing a website. This is why businesses often choose to work with digital web designers and marketing specialists to help them effectively convey what their brand is to consumers.

Let’s talk turkey. None of this needs to break the bank. Unless you’ve got EDI, ERP, a couple of other custom API requirements all while carrying 1,000+ SKU’s across multiple continents, we’re definitely somewhere in your ballpark (you can call us magicians after).

In Closing

A strong website is functional in showcasing company products and services, yet effective in communicating everything that your company represents — understanding this is what sets a basic company website apart from a memorable brand that consumers choose to return to.

Creating an immersive and engaging website takes time, so never be afraid to seek out website expertise and guidance. Industry professionals, like web design specialists and marketing experts, can make everything from populating your website with compelling copy and captivating designs, to leveraging web analytics for optimized customer experiences a simplistic and cost-effective process. You can thank us later 😉

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